About Me

           Hello my name is Brian and this is my beautiful family. If you're here you've found my blog and are interested in knowing more about me so keep reading. First off i'm a Christian, I believe in God who because of his son Jesus Christ I am saved by grace and the free gift of eternal life. In April 2014 my beautiful daughter Claire entered the world. She is the sweetest, funnest person I've ever met and she constantly teaches me  how God's relationship as a father to us is similar of I to her. My wife Jacquiline is my inspiration, life partner and best friend. We met through a college group called Campus Crusade for Christ (cru.org) on a summer project in South Lake Tahoe. Dated long distance for 3 years (which I would never recommend!), I  attended Washington State University and she attended University of Montana. We love college football, Go Cougs and Go Grizz!

In 2013 I lost my father to an early form of dementia (check out Heaven Is Calling). The rest of my family, sisters /brother-in-laws and mom I love dearly.

I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from WSU and I currently work as a Product Marketing Engineer at Tektronix teaching people how to sell and use oscilloscopes.

Well that's all you get right now, follow my blog, leave me comments, and email me if you have questions.