Blog Revenue Initial Post page stats

Blog Revenue Aug 2017 – $131

Since the beginning of this blog back in 2011, I’ve had the privilege of writing 16 blog post (11 made the published state) since that time those 11 post have received over 381,500 different (people) sessions and 785,411 all time history page views (that’s on average of 71k per post and the most popular has actually 207k). That’s a whole lot!! Many were done at a time in my life that I was consumed with just being married, small one bedroom living conditions, no kids, getting out of financial debt and going through the loss of my dad. It was only later on that I realized I could monetize and make a little money. Maybe I could make just enough to pay for my projects. Maybe. Funny thing was, as I kept coming up with ideas for projects I realized there wasn’t a lot of ‘how to’ post showing people how to do what I needed to do. Thus I decided to document my every step, in case I needed to reproduce it, and if anyone on the web wanted to do the same they were welcome to join me.

As I made this journey I saw some posts get a lot of attention, and some not get so much. What I noticed was my blog was pretty popular from my perspective. At one point I had a month with over 26,700 pageviews! That’s crazy cool and exciting.  Especially for using blogspot a google company, and using no marketing or advertising budget.
Blog Revenue Initial Post page stats

When I eventually decided to see if I could start paying for my projects I turned on Google AdSense and initially I was really bad at ad placement (i’m still learning) and I was sloooooowly starting to bring in pageviews and very slowly some income. My pageviews in adding AdSense months after my blog is why it doesn’t quite match the 785,411 pageviews but rather 653,958. The last couple months have exploded as i’m at my highest $ / month in the last two years… just by making some ad placement adjustments.

Initial Revenue post earnings

At some point i’ll cover the basics of RPM, clicks, etc. So if you need more knowledge just google it for now.

Another source of income for my blog is YouTube ‘BHensley’. I’ve created a few videos that I embed in my blog and I have monetize turned on the popular ones. In total I’ve earned $646.49 from my channel, enough to pay for all my projects.

BHensley Youtube revenue


I also wanted to give my viewers a little bit of an idea of how i’m spending my 2017 revenue so for this first post i’ll share what i’ve done this month in spending and what my current payout is and how long it takes. And for those reading this and don’t know, Google will continue to save your month over month income until you reach $100 or more. At that point they’ll pay you out on their monthly date, be it a few days from now, or wait until the next month. This month I got paid $102.13 from my AdSense account and that was over a 8 month period (sad panda). Not impressive, but not bad for not posting anything in 2 years. Anyways here are some details.


Blog Revenue (December 2016 – August 2017):

Google AdSense – $102.13

Google YouTube – $28.44


Total Revenue  =    $130.57


Blog Expenses (December 2016 – August 2017):

Domain Name Renewal – $17.17/year

Domain Privacy Registration – $9.99/year

New GoDaddy Hosting Service – $59.98 /year

New Envato Market Essential Grid – $28.00


Total Expenses   =   $115.14

As you can tell i’m making a comeback, i’m still positive after my expenses and i’m going to keep posting so hopefully that $$ number goes up to help with more expensive projects.

On some last side notes, i’ve switched my hosting service from blogspot to godaddy w/wordpress to let me have better control over layout and themes. Similar to what I did on my wife’s FoodBlog – and now i’m working away on new posts on things like server control and touch screen UI on a raspberry Pi and more. Anyways i’ll keep sharing my experiences with monetizing and tips and tricks I learn along the way, feel free to ask questions or email me. Appreciate your time reading this and look forward to you coming back.








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