How to repair siding and add a Belly Band

Dry rot on the side of your house? get it fixed by installing a belly band. Step by step tutorial...

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Raspberry Pi Robot controlled from a Wii Remote

Finished my robot project some time ago, and finally got around to publishing the post. Hope you enjoy this cool little wii remote controlled raspberry pi of a robot.

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Blog Revenue - All the numbers

For the first time i've posted my Blog Revenue details.... so if you want to know how much money 780,000 pageviews will earn you. Then check out this article on what i've been doing, and follow me to watch what I continue to do to improve the numbers.

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BeagleBoard Testing SPI

My first post that got me famous. Okay, maybe it is just my first post that got 200K views over the last few years and includes some deep diving into compiling a Linux Kernal and getting the Serial Perephial Interface (SPI) to work on a new BeagleBoard XM

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