Life Story

Hello my name is Brian and this is my beautiful family. If you’re here you’ve found my blog and are interested in knowing more about me, keep reading. First off i’m a Christian, I believe in God who because of his son Jesus Christ I am saved by grace and the free gift of eternal life. That whoever believes in him will forever know him, that this world is temporary and heaven is everlasting.

In April 2014 my beautiful daughter Claire entered the world, in August 2016 Riley joined us and in January 2020 Elise joined us too. These girls are the sweetest, funniest girls I’ve ever met and they constantly teach me how God’s relationship as a father to us is similar of I to them. How we are children that like to push the limits, need reminding, grace and unfailing love no matter what we do.

My wife Jacquiline is my inspiration, life partner and best friend, married in March 2010. We met through a college group called Campus Crusade for Christ ( on a summer project in South Lake Tahoe. Dated long distance for 3 years (which I would never recommend!), during that time I attended Washington State University and she attended University of Montana. We love college football, playing board games, hanging with awesome friends and much more. Go Cougars!! and Go Grizz!

In Jan 2013 I lost my father (54 years old) to an early form of dementia, it was single handedly the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I wrote a small story about that (Heaven Is Calling) that you’re free to read more if you want.

My background as a child was a love for sports, where in high school I played Tennis, Wrestling and Soccer, and achieved 9+ varsity letters and played the french horn. I later graduated, went to college and then graduated in 2009 with my Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from WSU. Since then I’ve worked as an Application Engineer, Product Marketing Engineer and most recently a Product Marketing Manager at Tektronix.

Well that’s all you get right now, follow my blog, read my posts, leave me comments, and email me if you have questions.