Intro to Smart Pixels – Part 1

Smart Pixel Strip Turned On

Want some cool Christmas lights? Tired of the normal lights your parents grew up on? When I began my journey into Christmas light shows (aka smart lights that twinkle to any pattern), I too knew absolutely nothing about the terms, the technology or what to look for.  Even though I have an electrical engineering background … Read more

Network Setup: Falcon Player FPP with Falcon F16v3 Controller

Christmas Lights Falcon F16V3 Raspberry Pi FFP Network - BrianHensley

I found a need to highly document an easy approach for users to setup a Raspberry Pi Falcon Player (FPP) with WiFi so that I could access the FPP connected to a Falcon F16v3 over the E1.31 (Ethernet) both from my house PC. Here’s my layout:     There are 7 steps you need to … Read more